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What is MiKTeX?

MiKTeX is a program that is used for programs such as TeX/LaTeX to be able to be utilized in all versions of Microsoft Windows. This program is particularly used for creating documents and files that focus on Mathematics.

As the subject is specific, there are texting tools that are necessary to incorporate formula, equations, and mathematical symbols. This program allows an author to make use of the accurate and appropriate symbols when writing documents on any mathematics-related topic. It has the capacity to also highlight erroneous information or equation so as not to be integrated in any document or project. It is also equipped with a tool called Viewer Yap to allow you see the document in full or in parts.

The software is always updated and includes new additional tools in each version released. The installation process of this program is also quite simple. You may prompt the wizard to appear in order to see the step-by-step process of installing it. It also comes with a tutorial guideline so that even beginners can make use of this software. For technical issues, the website has a technical support ready to answer any query.

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File types supported by MiKTeX

Our users primarily use MiKTeX to open these file types:

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