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Microsoft SQL Server

What is Microsoft SQL Server?

Microsoft SQL server is a type of a relational database system (RDBS), meaning that data in a network, or home computer, is stored in tables, as well as how they interact, their properties, among others. It is the most widely used type of network database (for example, in message boards and certain websites) owing to its scalability and ease of use, Microsoft’s SQL server is one of the primary driving forces behind this innovation. As evident from its name, this software uses the T-SQL and ANSI SQL query languages.

Microsoft’s SQL server’s premise is simple: to store, collect and retrieve data from a network, usually through over the Internet, but it can also do the same for an SQL database in the host computer. Currently, Microsoft offers various editions of the product, which are classified as to the projected traffic or access demand of its users – for example for small office networks to huge websites that can be accessed by millions of unique visitors each day. From highest traffic to lowest, such editions include the Datacenter Edition, Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition, Web Edition, and Workgroup Edition; additionally there is the SQL Express Server that has no limitation on the amount of users served, only in hardware.

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File types supported by Microsoft SQL Server

Our users primarily use Microsoft SQL Server to open these file types:

Some users also use Microsoft SQL Server to open these file types:

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