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Integrated Software Package

What is Integrated Software Package?

The Integrated Software Package is a suite of several applications all in a single program and is accessible using a similar launching pad. The package includes applications such as a spreadsheet, tool for database management, a word processing platform, address books, graphics-capable tools, painting program,e-mailing and communication terminal programs s as well as presentation makers. This was developed by Claris, a former subsidiary of Apple.

All of the components included in the package were programmed to work seamlessly and collaboratively. To illustrate an example, the spreadsheet could be transferred to a word processing file with ease. It could also be converted into a drawing file. Therefore, using the package means getting all the capabilities needed for office and personal works.

The Integrated Software Package was the original version of the AppleWorks that was developed exclusively for the platform Apple II. This was introduced to the public in 1984. When Claris subsidiary was eliminated, AppleWorks was turned transformed by the company itself. This was the same period when AppleWorks, formerly referred to as Integrated Software packages, was bundled with Mac-related consumer brands released by Apple. In the year 2007, AppleWorks was mad obsolete and no further development of this product was pushed through.

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