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What is EIOffice?

EIOffice, generally known as Evermore Integrated Office is an office suite developed by Evermore Software. The company together with its office suite changed its name from Evermore into Yozosoft last 2010. The software was sold to Linux as an alternative office suite in their operating system. It was initially developed for Ubuntu Linux Netbooks.

EIOffice supports Linux Open XML documents and other files that are readable by Linux operating system. Later, EIOffice was further developed for Windows operating system compatibility. Since some of the components and binary codes of Windows came from Linux, developing EIOffice for Microsoft operating systems took no time.

EIOffice has the basic and frequently used applications like in other office suites in the market, which include Word processor, Spreadsheet and presentation. The tools and features of these applications are quite similar to other office suites. EIOffice has a science editor which enables the user to insert and import illustrations through the science image library. EIOffice also has a macro editor that enables the programmers to insert simple or complex macros using the Java programming language. These are intended to create user forms and modules for custom applications. The EIOffice also supports documents that are created in Microsoft Office Suite.

The EIOffice runs in both Windows and Linux operating system. It requires a minimum hardware specification of Pentium II or higher processor, 128mb RAM, 300mb of hard disk memory and a 256 color Super VGA Video card.

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File types supported by EIOffice

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