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What is DivX Player?

The DivX Plus Player (formerly known as simply the DivX Player) is DivX’s proprietary media player, which not only includes the DivX codec and other software tool and video utilities made by DivX. DivX’s philosophy with the player is not only to provide you the means to watch high definition video on your computer, but also the right tool for the job. According to the website and the claims of its developer, the DivX Plus Player is the best media player in the field, with superb clarity and precision that cannot be matched by other contemporary applications; this is because the player uses the DivX codec natively, instead of having it installed on a system that does not support it from the outset.

The DivX codec is popular and widely used because it has the capability of compressing huge video files into more manageable chunks, which can then be read by a DivX-compatible device (such as modern DVD players) and computers that can decompress the video by use of the same codec. The DivX Plus Player takes advantage of this, and sports other features such as a library, DRM, and the DivX-to-Go that converts and transfers video files to DivX-supported devices.

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File types supported by DivX Player

Our users primarily use DivX Player to open these file types:

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