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Director Shockwave Studio

What is Director Shockwave Studio?

Director Shockwave Studio is a multimedia content creator developed by Macromedia, providing the user with a set of tools for creating 3D animation, 3D graphics and movies suitable to the Web platform. It is fully integrated with its own scripting language called Lingo, allowing the user to develop kiosk presentations, standalone CD-ROM content, and Web content.

Users are also able to develop models of certain applications and GUIs (graphical user interfaces). The software is commonly utilized for the creation of interactive games and movies. The scripting language Lingo is integrated with tools for editing and manipulating 2D bitmap images, enabling the user to create projects using the “Imaging Lingo” technology.

The software is not integrated with its own 3D rendering engine, but is fully compatible with other platforms and allows for the importation of 3D objects created through different rendering engines.

It also includes a library of pre-rendered behaviors and scripts, which the user can utilize to integrate animation effects into objects or models.

Director Shockwave Studio comes in two versions: one for Windows systems and one for Mac-based machines.

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File types supported by Director Shockwave Studio

Our users primarily use Director Shockwave Studio to open these file types:

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