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What is Code::Blocks?

Code::Blocks is an IDE for users of the C++, C, and Fortran programming languages, recognized for its configurability and extensibility. It is freeware under the GNU Public License and is entirely open-source, and is also a confirmed cross-platform application known to operate under Mac, Windows or Linux environments. It also supports multiple compilers, from GCC to Open Watcom.

As may be expected from it, Code::Blocks offers users a configurable syntax highlighting feature. It can code fold C++, XML and Fortran files as well as others. User productivity and efficiency is enhanced by tabbed window support and code completion features, and users also get smart indenting, quick file switches, and disassembly tools with the debugger. Custom memory dumping is possible, as is thread switching, and users also get comprehensive support for breakpoints.

As noted above, Code::Blocks is a powerfully extensible program—so much so that many treat it as a modular application already. Indeed, the functions your version of the software may end up getting could be unique to your version depending on which plugins are installed and which functions or tools have thus been added to the application.

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File types supported by Code::Blocks

Our users primarily use Code::Blocks to open these file types:

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