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Chief Architect Home Designer Suite

What is Chief Architect Home Designer Suite?

The Chief Architect Home Designer Suite is a program used to design DIY home improvement and renovation plans. It may be considered the intermediate edition of the Home Designer programs, which range from the Interiors edition to the premium Professional edition. In a nutshell, the Suite covers home design, interior design, remodeling, kitchens and baths, and decks and landscaping—everything, in fact, save for professional tools, which are exclusive to the Professional edition of the software.

The Suite is equipped with more than 35 design templates that can aid beginners in creating their plans. It also has over 1,500 free samples of home plans. It supplies preview-based editing feedback, allows users to generate billboard-style images of their designed homes, comes with a reference display tool for multilevel design or construction, and allows users to create customized room labels for easy identification of design sections. The labels also display the current design’s square footage—at least, for that individual labeled area. Other utilities include parallel and centering tools for object placement, area editing utilities, plan rotation and reversal controls, planning assistants, plan backup tools, reference grids, and more.

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