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Opening VTS files

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What is a VTS file?

Programs, before they are intended for end- user or after they are being distributed, need a constant support and should undergo performance maintenance. To do this, many developers designed and created tools to do program analysis and one of the comapny that develop such programming tools is Intel. And Intel, in line with this, produced the Intel VTune.

Intel VTune is a program performance analyzer that main purpose is to perform profiling for programs being developed. Profiling is a process wherein program data like the functionality of the program, the memory size it consumes, time complexity in performing each functions, the usage of particular instructions, or the frequency are measured. And accordings to the information gathered with regards to the particular program data, programmers and computer architects optimize the programs' features for end- user advantage. The crucial documents reports derived which contain the information about the program monitoring with the used of VTune are saved in .vts format.

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About File Extension VTS

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