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SSuite Premium HD

What is SSuite Premium HD?

Van Loo Software provides users with a High Definition suite of office applications via the SSuite Premium HD software. More commonly known as SSuite Office - Premium HD, the software provides the user with HD views of their office apps on High Definition and wide-screen monitors. The interfaces for each office app provide the user with larger views of all the function tabs and navigation buttons, allowing for better display output on an HD or wide-screen monitor. Tabbed browsing is allowed on each of the interfaces.

Applications included in the software suite include WordGraph HD, a word processing app; Accel Spreadsheet HD, a worksheet app; NetSurfer HD, the office suite’s own Web browser; and EZPhoto Editor HD, an image editing app.

The word processor and spreadsheet apps are fully compatible with their MS Office counterparts: MS Word for WordGraph, and MS Excel for Accel Spreadsheet. Both apps from SSuite Office also allow the user to export files to PDF format.

Also, WordGraph includes a multi-language spell checker that supports American and British English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

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File types supported by SSuite Premium HD

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