Opening IPT files

Did your computer fail to open an IPT file? We explain what IPT files are and recommend software that we know can open or convert your IPT files.

What is an IPT file?

The AutoDesk Inventor is a three- dimensional design and modeling system that is developed and release in 1999 to provide support for designing and creating mechanical prototypes and trial models. The said software offers both visualization and simulation of products that can greatly help the manufacturers and model creators to conceptualize what they are making. The projects that are initiated are commonly in .ipt format. IPT stands for Inventor Part File.

Furthermore, .ipt file contains the information in creating a single part of the mechanical prototype. Inventor Part File is used to construct the bits and pieces, in detailed and sophisticated manner, of one single structure or model. After these bits and pieces are finished, these Inventor part files are now ready for assembly. IAM stands for Inventor AsseMbly and thus, it means it is the file created after assembling the .ipt files into one complex structure. IDW or the drawing file used in Inventor support both .ipt and .iam in the process.

Try a universal file viewer

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