Opening ECW files

Did your computer fail to open an ECW file? We explain what ECW files are and recommend software that we know can open or convert your ECW files.

What is an ECW file?

ECW or the enhanced compressed wavelet file extension is a type of image file format compression wherein it basically stores information captured by the used of satellites and aerial cameras or georeaders placed in space. This file type is known to be used in capturing aerial pictures via satellites for the development of geolocation and mapping databases. ECW files are popular among developers and users of Geographic Information System and thus, there are a lot of applications that can be utilized to view files with .ecw format.

Earth Resource Mapping pioneered the use of enhanced compressed wavelet and later owned by ERDAS (Earth Resource Data Analysis System). ECW is an ideal image format for large image file because of its ability to achieve large compression rates that other formats have in difficulty.

ER Mapper Image Compressor is an application designed to solely support .ecw files. Since aerial images of geographic locations and areas are normally large, definitely, it would take up large memory size. Nonetheless, the said compressor can compress the image to reduce the file size extremely without altering or losing the original image quality.

Try a universal file viewer

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