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If you are looking for SimCity, you have come to the right place. We explain what SimCity is and point you to the official download.

What is SimCity?

SimCity features SimCity World, GlassBox Engine, Multiplayer, City Specialization, Sims Matter and Constructible Worlds. It supports devices such as your computer, Wii, Xbox, PS3, iPhone, iPad and mobile. SimCity World brings you Citylog, an integration of features that lets you compare, connect and compete with friends on SimCity. You can get updates on your friends’ progress and get recommendations for your gameplay. You can buy and sell your resources on the Global Market. It simulates supply and demand for prices to go up and down on the market. Challenges include growing the population, educating the highest number of Sims, giving most number of jobs, building the safest city and more.

GlassBox is the simulation technology that revolutionizes SimCity. It lets you balance multiple cities, affect the lives of the Sims, manage simulations for your city levels, manipulate power and water supply, control traffic, unemployment, pollution, create industries and services, move buildings and more. You can observe the city and people react to your manipulation and creation.

You can team up with your friends to build Great Works such as an international airport, a fusion reactor or space shuttle that require a lot of manpower, huge funds and lots of materials. You can be a good neighbor and send help to other cities. You can create a region comprising of multiple cities with your friends. City Specialization lets you focus on a specific industry and be able to supply not just your city but your neighbors as well. You can influence your city in terms of industrial, commercial and residential living by letting it adapt to your industry.

You can create personalities for your Sims such as Homeless Sims, Police Sims, bus drivers, sick Sims, industry leaders, lobbyists and more to give you city a colorful cast of characters to give it a more realistic setting. Every Sim in your city is a consumer, worker and producer for your resources. Your city or cities will react to your governance. You can have Happy Sims that will honor you for your achievements or disapproving Sims that will create protests.

Constructible Worlds lets you create effective urban planning to keep the balance in you city or cities. The Data Visualization Layers will project the status of your power, water, city health, pollution, and more for you to determine how and what to improve. Ploppables are 3D buildings that you can upgrade to expand your city’s functions. You customize your city by adding roads, zones and businesses where your Sims work, live and play.

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Last updated: : December 30, 2023