What is PGPfreeware?

PGP freeware is a software intended for data encryption and decryption of data which provides authentication and cryptographic privacy. This software is mostly used for e-mails, directories, and disk partitions with the aim to heighten the communications security. This data security software uses a series of combinations wherein algorithms are supported for data compression, symmetric-key and public-key cryptography and hashing.

This software uses both the symmetric-key and public-key encryption to send messages in a more confidential manner. Each symmetric key, which is also called a session key, is used only once. The message then is sent to the receiver where it is encrypted with the public key. The private key of the receiver then becomes the only key that can decrypt the session key.

Originally, the PGP software which stands for “Pretty Good Privacy” was created in 1991 by Phil Zimmermann until it found its way to the internet and gained a considerable amount of supporters all over the globe. In December 1997, it was acquired by Network Associates Inc or “NAI”. It became the first company to legally export the program using a publishing source code.

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File types supported by PGPfreeware

Our users primarily use PGPfreeware to open these file types:

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