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PE-DESIGN NEXT is an embroidery design digitizer designed to be usable to both longtime embroidery fans and greenhorns. It comes with a Stitch Wizard that can help to speed up design digitizing as well as an embroidery offsetting function that can help users produce echo quilting-inspired designs. There are 100 fonts built into the program and they can be used in conjunction with features such as font lettering to produce stylish text-based designs as well.

PE-DESIGN NEXT is also equipped with facilities for pattern creation that can help users develop more elaborate or complex designs. From candlewicking to stem stitching and even spiral floral patterning, the tools provide a range of patterning options that can bring stitch designs to the next level.

The program was designed to be business-use-friendly too: it can connect as many as 4 multithread machines (from the PR1000 series or the PR650 series) to the user’s computer for machine-fabricated embroidery work. Users can simply start with a photo they want to convert into embroidery, then let the machine do the work after the program has generated the design or guide that the machine should follow.

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