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What are SAT files and how to open them

Are you having problems opening a SAT file or just wondering what they contain? We explain what these files are used for and show you software that we know can open or otherwise handle your files.

What is a SAT file?

SAT files have multiple uses, and Standard ACIS Text 3D Model is one of them.

Standard ACIS Text 3D Model

These files are associated with the Spatial 3D ACIS Modeler and contain a computer-aided design representation of system components.

These CAD representations are frequently used in modeling objects that are in non-sequential modes. In this mode, surfaces or volume objects are defined primarily to be used as objects for non-imaging applications such as illumination systems and/or stray-light analysis.

SAT files are ASCII text files that may be viewed with a simple text editor. Users can retrieve and open the geometric models using external applications, even if these programs are not ACIS- based.

How to open SAT files

We have identified one SAT opener that is compatible with this specific type of SAT file.

Programs that open Standard ACIS Text 3D Model files


Last updated: March 14, 2022

More file formats using the SAT extension

Through our research of SAT files, we know that the following formats exist. However, we have not yet analyzed them in detail, and we would love to hear from you if you have information about either of them.

ACIS Solid Model

SAdT Music Composer Audio Module

SatHawk Data

Various apps that use files with this extension

These apps are known to open certain types of SAT files. Remember, different programs may use SAT files for different purposes, so you may need to try out a few of them to be able to open your specific file.

MillMillUser submitted
ABViewerABViewerUser submitted
3D-Tool3D-ToolUser submitted
TOSHIBA gigabeat roomTOSHIBA gigabeat roomUser submitted
EdgecamEdgecamUser submitted
Moment of InspirationMoment of InspirationUser submitted
Pathtrace EdgeCAMPathtrace EdgeCAMUser submitted
SatIrReportProSatIrReportProUser submitted
SatIrReportStdSatIrReportStdUser submitted