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MaxIm DL

What is MaxIm DL?

MaxIm DL is an image enhancing software that is primarily used to present the night sky. This could be executed for various reasons – for obtaining portraits, for the exploration of new objects and also for collecting scientific data. The most recent version of the software is the version 5 which involves faster processing of digital images.

The software is equipped with a built-in view of a planetarium that lets users be ‘in the zone’ of the field. With this technology, users can benefit from an observatory integration while still having full control of the camera. It also allows users to utilize other functionalities such as the auto-guider and the focusers. The main control of the software has been redesigned to give the users the liberty to find, focus, center, and achieve LRGB sequences. The software has its own cleaning abilities as it automatically discards photos taken with poor or below average quality level.

MaxIm DL also authorizes the users to customize or reprogram that tools. Configuration of setups can be performed by simply changing the default settings of the software. The software is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, and 7.

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File types supported by MaxIm DL

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