Kega Fusion

What is Kega Fusion?

Kega Fusion is a Sega Mega Drive/Genesis emulation program developed by Steve Snake. The software allows users to play legacy games from Sega, on their computers. To be able to take advantage of the program’s emulation features, the user is required to have ROM image files of the gaming consoles supported by the software, i.e. GameGear ROM, Genesis/32X ROM, or SegaCD Image.

From the File menu on the main window, users need to load the ROM image in order to load their game. It is important to note that loading the correct ROM image is essential to enable the game to properly load. Loading a game that is not supported by the ROM will display a blank screen. Shortcut keys are provided for each ROM image: Ctrl + A for GameGear, Ctrl + G for Genesis/32X, and Ctrl + C for SegaCD Image. There are likewise shortcut keys for launching the game in full screen mode. Pressing Esc or Alt + Enter will open the game in full screen. Pressing the same keys will close the full screen mode.

Kega Fusion is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

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Download Kega Fusion (external link)

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File types supported by Kega Fusion

Our users primarily use Kega Fusion to open these file types:

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