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If you are looking for KDFX, you have come to the right place. We explain what KDFX is and point you to the official download.

What is KDFX?

KDFX (Kurzweil Digital Effects) is an add-on for the K2500 synthesizer, and an integrated program on K2600 and K2661 models of the synthesizer. The digital effects program is integrated onto a daughterboard, which is either already embedded on the keyboard, or installed on the rack-mount version for the K2500 model.

It features the Studio, where all the functions of KDFX sit. It contains 5 processors, 4 of which are classified as InsertFX. Inside InsertFX, there are 4 pairs of output busses, each one having an individual output function, i.e. delay, compressor, reverb and delay. Each of these busses have their own preset algorithms and their corresponding parameters, which determines how processing of each effect is done.

There are approximately more than one hundred algorithms provided through KDFX, all of which contain a total of over two hundred and fifty effects, executed through more than one hundred and fifty configurations. Outputs can be in mono or stereo, and each output channel comes with its own set of equalizer effects.

KDFX and Kurzweil synthesizers are developed and distributed by Young Chang Co., Ltd.

Download KDFX from the developer

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File types supported by KDFX

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Last updated: : March 12, 2013