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FX AccuCharts

What is FX AccuCharts?

FX AccuCharts is a software that is intended to use in conducting technical analysis or charting on trading. The software is primarily used to identify the current trends on the stock exchange by giving indicators in real time. Teletrader, a software company specializing in charting platforms, is the developer and publisher of this software.

FX AccuCharts is also capable of uncovering supports and identifying the resistance levels seen on market trends. It comes with a charting package that can be easily grasped by new and expert traders. The software also provides real-time price feed so as to forecast the market directions in the future. Time frame analysis can be executed one by time or as a group. This software is also pre-integrated into another platform called GTS Pro which allows it to immediately respond to the sudden and subtle changes in the market.

FX AccuCharts also generated graphs and tables that are customizable and this is to provide users with liberty to adapt analysis based on their preferences and styles they are already accustomed to. Analysis and workspaces can also be saved immediately.

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