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What is Director?

Director is a multimedia application that is formerly known as Macromedia Director. This platform is now under Adobe Systems and is primarily used to generate animated sequences. It is equipped Lingo, a scripting language that is also compatible with Adobe Shockwaves that can be utilized for any types of projects, whether in 2D or 3D.

The Director software makes use of a Graphical User Interface that can be utilized with external files allowing the user to generate application prototypes. It can also be used to work on interactive games to produce rich graphics and moving effects as well as to integrate videos. With this software, files used can be of different formats and are also searchable within a given location. Its functionality called the ‘imaging lingo’ is advanced manipulation tool especially used for 2D images. There are also features particularly used for 3D images and videos and with the use of the scripting language, subjects can be controlled and made to interact.

Using the application Xtras, the Director software can deploy extensibility. Folders can be created and customization of icons is permitted using this application.

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File types supported by Director

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