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What is CIMON?

CIMON is the trade name of KDT SYSTEMS. KDT Systems is a manufacturer of different Korean products, such as PLC, HMI, SCADA, and Touch Panel. Their products are developed using their own skills and technology. CIMON (Configurable Integrated Monitoring system) is also a type of monitoring service which supports context-ware applications by giving some layers of abstraction. Android applications have the ability to use the CIMON-API so they can register their monitors easily. The CIMON service will integrate these requests, so their needs are efficiently met.

These metrics are related to system status and activities, user activities, and sensors. CIMON can also support registering of complex monitors which are represented by Boolean expressions. When a certain event or condition happens, the monitors can immediately notify applications. CIMON-SCADA is a data acquisition and Supervisory control system based on MS Windows. This full, intuitive SCADA system can give users with a complex SCADA system, which can be used to manage industrial processes, visualize and form diagrams. Aside from CIMON-SCADA’s monitoring service, it also comes with an administration application, allowing its users to add new monitors easily.

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File types supported by CIMON

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