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ChemAxon Marvin Beans

What is ChemAxon Marvin Beans?

ChemAxon Marvin Beans is a platform that is used to produce chemical analysis for research and extensive studies. It is used to address queries and produce chemical structures as well as reaction drawings. The software was developed and produced by the company called ChemAxon.

ChemAxon Marvin Beans lets users generate molecular drawings wits the use of tools and basic functionalities built on GUI. It also has advanced functionalities which include customizable shortcuts, sprout drawings, default templates, and a range of customizable shortcuts. Users are also provided with popup menus which are context sensitive. With the use of the software, atomic as well as bond properties can be supported. It also lets users designate the charge, radicals, stereochemistry, and valence of each atom for more in-depth analysis.

ChemAxon Marvin Beans can also be used to produce query drawings that cover not lists, bond lists, atom lists, and r-groups. It likewise supports other data which also include pseudo atoms, link nodes, homology groups, and several other repeat units. It is as also equipped with SMART rules that basically allow users to identify address generic queries.

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