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Adobe PageMaker

If you are looking for Adobe PageMaker, you have come to the right place. We explain what Adobe PageMaker is and point you to the official download.

What is Adobe PageMaker?

Adobe PageMaker is a desktop publishing program that allows the user to create various publications for business advertising, corporate communications and personal use. PageMaker provides the user with tools that can help them come up with brochures, leaflets, newsletters, flyers, mail-ins, banners, business forms and catalogs.

The software provides a wide range of templates categorized according to publication type. Layouts can be modified in several ways, such as margin adjustments, heading size, or removal of certain components such as text boxes. Users can export their projects to PDF format.

Also included are various graphics art, and design and editing tools. Adobe PageMaker was developed for home users and small businesses, to provide them with a program that will enable them to create their own print materials. Apart from creating previously-mentioned print materials, users can also utilize the program to create their own letterhead, business forms, menus, gift certificates, award certificates, signs and programs.

The latest version of the software is Adobe PageMaker 7.0. It runs on older versions of Windows operating systems, generally those that came before Windows Vista.

Download Adobe PageMaker from the developer

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Download Adobe PageMaker (external link)


File types supported by Adobe PageMaker

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About file types supported by Adobe PageMaker

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Last updated: : January 20, 2013