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Acrobat Distiller

If you are looking for Acrobat Distiller, you have come to the right place. We explain what Acrobat Distiller is and point you to the official download.

What is Acrobat Distiller?

Adobe’s Acrobat Distiller, as evidenced from the name, is part of the Acrobat line of products from Adobe, which are mainly concerned with the access and generation of PDF (portable document format) files and desktop publishing purposes. The Distiller’s main essence is the creation of PDF files from PostScript files, the programming language of desktop publishing software. There have been various software that could create PDF files using the same method (i.e. engines that turn PostScript files to PDF), but the Acrobat Distiller is the industry standard.

Others, most notably page layout software (those used to combine text and graphics into a page, used by magazines and other graphic-intensive books), can generate PDF files from within their own engines, but act as a frontend for Distiller itself and thus require the Distiller to be installed as well.

The Acrobat Distiller is meant as a stand-alone utility, but Adobe has made sure that all Acrobat programs run this way while still being able to connect to and interact with other Acrobat family programs seamlessly, if they are installed. There could be features that the Acrobat Reader, for example, share with Distiller; a Distiller-generated PDF file can immediately be used and accessed with Reader, for instance.

Download Acrobat Distiller from the developer

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File types supported by Acrobat Distiller

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About file types supported by Acrobat Distiller

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Last updated: : May 23, 2022