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If you are looking for ACD/ChemSketch, you have come to the right place. We explain what ACD/ChemSketch is and point you to the official download.

What is ACD/ChemSketch?

ACD/ChemSketch is a type of Home and Education software that was developed by the Advanced Chemistry Development. ACD Labs, also known as Advanced Chemistry Development, is known for their expertise in different areas of chemistry, ranging from industry standard Systematic Nomenclature, PhysChem, and NMR Prediction software. This company also has structure-enabled Spectroscopy, Spectrometry, and Chromatography data management tools. System requirements include a Windows 2000, XP, and NT operating system.

The latest version of ACD/ChemSketch lets its users draw all forms of chemical structures, which include polymers, organometallics, as well as Markush structures. It also optimizes the spatial configuration, and lets the user view structures in 3D or 2D. Users can generate IUPAC and CAS Index nomenclature with fewer than 50 atoms, and 3 ring structures. They can also get predictions about its octane-water partition coefficient, logP, as well as other types of molecular descriptors. Users can access the ACD/I-Lab, their pay-per-use online engine that is applied to the prediction of psychochemical, ADME, and toxicity properties. NMR spectra, chemical shifting, chemical naming, are also provided.

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Last updated: : December 11, 2022