Opening SWC files

Did your computer fail to open a SWC file? We explain what SWC files are and recommend software that we know can open or convert your SWC files.

What is a SWC file?

Files with .swc file extension are Adobe Flash component distribution files. SWC stands for ShockWave Component. These files contain ActionScript files, debug data and icons that are compressed by means of the ZIP archive format.

SWC file is a zipped package of symbols and source code partially transformed into object code that allows a Flash or Flex developer to distribute classes and assets. SWC file are also generated to avoid recompiling symbols and code that cannot be altered. SWC files are generated by using Flash Builder and its components from Adobe Flash Professional authoring tool.

SWC file is a library of classes and assets that are necessary for Flash to function properly. Compiled SWC files are used by the Flash and not the uncompressed ones. Compiling files in PKZip is done automatically by the program, but compiling libraries like .swc are done manually, which is why the user should put an instruction to a compiler to include it.

Try a universal file viewer

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