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What is Street Wizard?

Street Wizard is a digital map and travel planning utility from Adept Computer Solutions. Equipped with map data for millions of streets and transport routes covering the US, the program permits users to easily plot out trips by specifying To and From locations. The software then plots out the shortest route to get from one point to the other, noting options for stopovers, points of interest, and other relevant data for travelers. Distances, precise directions, and estimations on mileages as well as travel time overland are also supplied by the software.

Users can keep their data updated by means of the database-linking feature, which lets them connect to more than 50 databases for data import. The software also has geocoding support, so users can specify particular locations on the program. Moreover, it has features for customizing the map data, including user control over map iconography and text. User can also add graphics to their software if they deem it necessary. Custom maps can be saved too, which can be useful for those who like to plan their own special trips and need personalized references for the journey.

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Last updated: : July 7, 2014