Opening LRF files

Did your computer fail to open a LRF file? We explain what LRF files are and recommend software that we know can open or convert your LRF files.

What is a LRF file?

The .lrf file extension is a format of a file used to represent files the Sony Portable Reader used to read and visualize for user's convenience. Sony Portable Reader is a reading device that has a system designed to support many electronic books formats and reading materials produced electronically.

LRF usually composed of data that are all related to an ebook. The data will include anything that will make up an ebook like text, pagination and also pictures that can enhance the reading experience of the user. Normally, .lrf files are compressed binary format which can be helpful in saving massive files because a binary file format is much faster and takes up less memory compared to the one that is in plain text format.

While in binary format, .lrf files might also include other metadata that define the parameter of the files like the object index and a header. Additionally, .lrf files are not encrypted, so conversion of them may come at ease for the user. They can be converted in various reading file format like PDF or Hyper Text ML format.

Try a universal file viewer

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