Opening LIS files

Did your computer fail to open a LIS file? We explain what LIS files are and recommend software that we know can open or convert your LIS files.

What is a LIS file?

The LIS file format can be found in files primarily utilized as SQR output file. The .lis files can be referred to as Structured

Query Report file. SQR is a programming language designed for generating reports from database management systems. It is a

programming language that is a combination of procedural logic, SQL (Structured Query Logic) and freedom of multiple platform

development. It is known to work well with client and server structure and it is cross-platformed. SQR also uses features like

creating interfaces between various operating systems, generate letter forms with business graphs, and process complex file


LIS files contain data that can be formatted using the Printer Control Language or PCL. PCL is a page-description language developed

by Hewlett-Packard (HP). PCL defines the layout of the text and graphics in a document so that the reporting can be done efficiently

before being loaded as part of the instructions or system. LIS files also contain a library of predefined variables that can be

utilized in using SQR command-line flags.

Try a universal file viewer

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