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XMPLAYER Application

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What is XMPLAYER Application?

XMPlayer is a homebrewed application by an independent developer called Ced2911 who has maintained an active contribution in Homebrew Connection, and whose source code is hosted on GitHub. XMPlayer is a port of the open source media player MPlayer. The source code of MPlayer has been tweaked to create XMPlayer, allowing it to work on an Xbox 360 console that has been Jtag or RGH-hacked; before this player users needed to transcode videos or audio that they wished to play over their network. Created using libXenon, Ced2911 explains that though the SDK is more user-friendly, libXenon (a programming language used to write Xbox 360 programs) enables more features for the application, such as playing media over 4 GB in size that is impossible using the SDK. Another advantage of this is that libXenon allows XMPlayer to perform much more efficiently than it would otherwise have done if it was coded using the Xbox SDK.

XMPlayer supports a variety of formats and sources, including USB removable drives and disc drives; it also supports the EXT2, NTFS, FAT, XTAF, and ISO9660 file systems.

Download XMPLAYER Application from the developer

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Last updated: : March 9, 2012