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What is WinShell?

WinShell is a multilingual integrated development environment (IDE). It is made for both TeX and LaTeX. This program contains the following: A text editor, syntax highlighting, project management, spell checking, and a table wizard. It also has Unicode support, as well as various toolbars and user configuration options. WinShell is supported by these operating systems: Windows 2000 and higher, Mac OS, and Linux. It is available in various languages, such as English, Spanish, Italian, and Chinese, among others. WinShell is a type of freeware, and is portable. It is not a LaTex system, but another LaTeX compiler system made for Microsoft Windows.

WinShell works well with the MiKTeX, as well as the TeX Live and the W32TeX distribution. When working with the Acrobat Reader, WinShell will close the PDF document first before making a compilation. For SumatraPDF, the program will immediately assign the right commands, so they can achieve forward and inverse searching between the two programs. At first, WinShell will also recognize the distribution and set these command-line arguments automatically. This is same with the viewer made for generated PDF documents.

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File types supported by WinShell

Our users primarily use WinShell to open these file types:

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