What is Vip?

VIP is an alias for Prolog Development Center’s Visual Prolog software, an IDE and programming language that is object-oriented and intended for Microsoft for those creating programs for Windows, whether for the x86 architecture versions of the OS or the x64 versions. As a complete development solution, it is made up of an IDE, a compiler, a linker, and a debugging tool.

The language used in Visual Prolog is founded on logical programming with Horn clauses. It is strongly typed and leverages completely integrated fact databases. One of its greatest strengths has always been the near-complete absence of access violations: this is a result of its strong type checking and automated memory management. The program also renders pointer arithmetic unnecessary.

Visual Prolog’s IDE has provisions for editing text, dialogs, menus, toolbars, and graphics. It provides tree representations too of relevant resources and has a build facility. The bundled compiler is based on the old Turbo Prolog compiler and can provide cross reference resolution, object file creation, predicate mode validation, type checking, and predicate resolution. The graphical debugger can do all the usual things debuggers do, as well as step into, step over, and extra stepping operations.

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File types supported by Vip

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