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STATISTICA is a statistical analysis software suite developed for data mining, data management, data visualization and data analysis. The most basic software included in the suite is STATISTICA Base. This software is generally utilized for data analysis. It explores descriptive statistics, correlations, and breakdowns. Modules included in the software also include an interactive probability calculator, and tables (frequency, cross-tabulation, and multiple response analysis).

STATISTICA Advanced is integrated with STATISTICA Base, plus modules for distribution and simulation, variance components, general nonlinear estimation, time series analysis and forecasting, GLM (General Linear Models), GRM (General Regression Models) and GLZ (General Linear Models. Also included are STATISTICA Multivariate Exploratory Techniques and STATISTICA Power Analysis.

STATISTICA Data Miner is integrated with STATISTICA Advanced and STATISTICA Automated Neural Networks, plus data mining tools such as general slicer and general forecaster; as well as specialized data mining modules like data miner recipes, association rules, and interactive classification and regression trees.

Other programs included in the suite are STATISTICA Extract, Transform and Load; STATISTICA Live Score; and STATISTICA QC (Quality Control). STATISTICA is software developed to run on Windows operating systems.

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