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What is SpaceClaim?

SpaceClaim is developed by a company of the same name (although it was later subsumed to another company called Ansys) and is primarily a 3D solid object modeling software, which is particularly useful for digital prototyping. First launched in 2007, SpaceClaim is a computer-aided design application (CAD) that can create and design three-dimensional solid objects and shapes.

SpaceClaim’s main interface is condensed chiefly into its four tools: pull, move, fill, and combine. The full function is equivalent to the main creation features in most CAD software, and is so called because its main operation is dependent on the context of the selection and the use of secondary tools. Meanwhile, the move function is a drag and drop replacement tool that repositions objects on the workspace (or their components), and determines the geometry of the shape. The fill function has a more specialized geometrical capability, which allows, for example, a geometric shape to fill in a specified area, or to hollow out a certain location. Finally, the combine function is more logical and mathematical, performing such feats as merging objects, or subtracting components from two or more objects.

Download SpaceClaim from the developer

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File types supported by SpaceClaim

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About file types supported by SpaceClaim

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Last updated: : June 28, 2014