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What is ROBOLAB?

ROBOLAB was the original programming language used with the Lego Company’s MINDSTORMS series of robotic products. It found popularity as a starting programming language for introducing young minds to control technology for robotic builds. The ROBOLAB programming software was sold in CD format for Windows 32-bit system users.

While the original method of introduction to pupils involved the use of physical RCX bricks for implementing ROBOLAB codes or controls, there are now also virtual environments for simulations. Arguably the most well-known of these is ROBOLAB-online, an Internet-based service that users subscribe to in order to gain access to its resources for virtual ROBOLAB instruction and simulation: of these resources, the most important is the virtual RCX brick, which is what users program in the ROBOLAB language in order to achieve robotic control.

While ROBOLAB is still in use, it has been supplanted by its descendants at Lego Engineering. Most educational kits currently being offered by Lego now uses the inspired-by-ROBOLAB NXT-G programming language. Despite that, the company’s educational site for programming has retained several lesson plans and guides for teachers working with pupils on ROBOLAB software.

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