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What is PVSOL Expert?

PVSOL Expert may refer to PV*SOL Premium, from Valentin Software. This program is used to graphically simulate photovoltaic systems, including roof-mounted ones. Its purpose is to deliver an accurate view of the shading that such systems may receive, as well as the amount of sunlight they can get. The idea, of course, is to maximize sunlight and minimize total shadowing throughout the day, so as to improve power yield from the solar power system.

PVSOL Expert is equipped with tools for designing the battery storage system in a photovoltaic design, and even comes packed with some of the most common manufacturers’ offerings for it. It allows as many as 5,000 solar modules to be included in a single visualization in 3D mode, and also supports highly accurate/precise representations of the photovoltaic area and its surroundings in the terrain mode. It recognizes area restriction in modeling—for sunroofs, for instance, or chimneys—and can carry out automated maximum module coverage for a particular section specified by the user. It can perform shade animation, compute annual reductions in irradiation, dimension cabling components, simulate the total yield, and more.

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