Powersim Studio

What is Powersim Studio?

Powersim Studio is a business simulation program from the company, Powersim Software. The program provides the user with several utilities, applications and options for creating simulations of the various aspects of business. From simulating core strategies before they are implemented, to simulating workspaces, equipment, products and business processes; the software allows the user to simulate scenarios that are related to their industry or type of business.

The simulation program provides companies with a research and trial-and-error application that enable them to get an in-depth look at the aspect of business that they are testing before actually implementing it. This allows them to change strategies or make decisions based on the results gathered from the simulation. In other words, the software allows the user to see the possible effects of the strategy, campaign or plan that they wish to undertake without actually putting them into action first.

To start the simulation process, the user is provided with tools that allow them to create a new simulation project, create units of measurement, variables, links and flows; as well as tools for generating results through the use of charts, slider bars, tables and time graphs.

The user may download the free version of the software first to try the product. The free version is called Powersim Studio 9 Express. It can be used for up to 6 months.

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File types supported by Powersim Studio

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