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What is PowerDraft?

PowerDraft or MicroStation PowerDraft is an imaging drafting software intended to create architectural and infrastructure projects. It was created by Bentley Systems as part of their digital design products. The company is known for their quality programs and has proven to be well suited to other client programs.

PowerDraft can create 2D and 3D dimensional projects and maps for construction and architectural plots. The software also features its raster imagery which displays a rather sophisticated map point in detail. PowerDraft can also generate rich PDFs, plot sets and innovative hyper models.

MicroStation PowerDraft highlights its capabilities and features for construction team and architects. It supports point cloud, GIO Location mapping and Geospatially referenced data. The software ensures that these data can be plotted along with the team's hard copy of projects. PowerDraft also imports existing projects and deliver a precise new data for architects.

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