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PGP Personal Privacy

What is PGP Personal Privacy?

PGP Personal Privacy is an encryption and decryption tool from Network Associations, which became McAfee again in 2004. The program allowed users to encrypt selected data as well as decrypt it for privacy and security purposes. Usually, the data was meant for communication, which made it sensitive to outside attack as it traveled from one party to another. The encryption technology used in the PGP Personal Privacy application was based on PGP Security’s encryption technique. PGP Security was in itself a Network Associates company, and was known for supplying several security solutions to consumers: these included the Gauntlet Firewall, PGP e-ppliances, and PGP Data Security.

In 2000, the PGP Personal Privacy program became a part of the bundled or preloaded software for several computers sold to the Japanese market—specifically, the Mate series and VersaPro series computers from the NEC Corporation. It had plug-ins for several Microsoft Office programs, including Outlook. This meant that users could leverage its encryption technologies to send messages and other types of data to someone else with the plug-in that were secured from outsider attack and which only the recipient (with his decryption key) could access.

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