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Personal Taxprep

What is Personal Taxprep?

The Personal Taxrep delivers accurate returns that optimize the tax situations of clients, while still saving time as well as boosting productivity. With this software, the user can increase profits during T1 season, and streamline his tax preparation process and strengthen relationships with his clients.

The Personal Taxrep has planning tools and smart features that are designed to help the user optimize his clients’ tax position. It has a capital loss carry-forwards, automatic reduction of RRSP deduction, which can be saved for future use if there is an unused tax credit that is also non-refundable. It allows transfer of dividend reporting between spouses. Personal Taxrep has family data connection, which lets it simultaneously calculate returns for all family members to ensure the best tax scenario. There is also a deduction of certain commission-related expenses. The Personal Taxrep has built-in edit checks and diagnostics. These alerts are easy to detect and respond to. They can spot problems such as missing information, or inconsistent data. Its client manager also helps the user manage the entire tax return preparation process.

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