NTI JewelCase Maker

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What is NTI JewelCase Maker?

The NTI JewelCase Maker is a software with a free trial scheme that is meant to create high-quality labels, inlays and covers for your optical media disc projects, and supports both the LightScribe and LabelFlash technology standards in direct disc labeling. These labels include anything included in the case of a CD or a DVD, such as jackets. NTI has also packaged the entire process using their EasySteps Interface, a unique GUI that guides users, both new and old, into creating professional-level covers and labels for their disc projects; this intuitive and user-friendly interface also extends to both the LightScribe and LabelFlash technologies, allowing for easy and seamless disc labeling procedure. The NTI JewelCase Maker is available in a number of major languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, and German.

Like all cover and label-designing software in disc authoring suites (such as from Cyberlink, Nero, and Roxio), the NTI JewelCase Maker allows users to choose from a huge selection of templates, designs and graphics that are supplied with the software, and even to create their own from scratch, or from existing photos and images on their hard disk. This extends not only for labels and covers, but for LightScribe and LabelFlash designs as well.

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Last updated: : March 8, 2012