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If you are looking for NiceLabel, you have come to the right place. We explain what NiceLabel is and point you to the official download.

What is NiceLabel?

NicLabel, a product of Euro Plus, is an advanced bar code and RFID label designer. It has a variety of options that allow users to operate tool for an easier labeling design which includes compliance labeling, RFID and many others. The software also provides support for all industry standard bar codes and RFID Class 1 and Gen 2. NiceLabel enables easier printing of label designs because a variety of industry standard label templates are included. Users can navigate on the database connection wizard and database manager for printing operations.

The software includes several features and specifications such as Rich Text Field (RTF), Graphic images, Multiple Label Design Objects Text, Bar codes, Reverse backgrounds, Paragraph (best fit option), Circles, Ellipses, and Lines and boxes. It also includes RFID Smart Label, Visual Basic Scripting and simple expressions, Variable Data Sources and Visual Basic ScriptingKeyboard input fields (Pick List option), database connectivity, Date/time stamps, link to the text file, incrementing/decrementing counters, and so on.

Overall, NiceLabel allows users for the Absolute Printer Control. This application lets users check the real-time status of all the network and local printers and move printing jobs through a drag-and-drop action to print labels.

Download NiceLabel from the developer

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File types supported by NiceLabel

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About file types supported by NiceLabel

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Last updated: : May 21, 2022