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Nero BackItUp

What is Nero BackItUp?

Nero’s BackItUp software is a data backup tool, which has since been a stand-alone product since Nero 9, but was later re-integrated to the Nero Multimedia Suite 10; however, it can still be bought as a single product. Like most backup software in existence, Nero’s BackItUp application exists to back up, or create a copy of your data, for “just in case” scenarios, which is especially useful for sensitive data or data that could be compromised or edited, necessitating an original master file. The Nero BackItUp does this and more, with advanced backup tools, easy restoration process, and even a full-featured recovery suite to retrieve deleted files or folders.

BackItUp has a lot of attractive features that makes it one of the most popular backup software in the world. To start with, BackItUp has an enabled cloud storage feature, which allows users access to Nero’s Online Storage as long as they have a valid license key for a BackItUp software. A cloud storage essentially means that your backup will be stored not in your hard disk, as is usually the case with backups, but in Nero’s servers, which can be accessed anytime and anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection.

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File types supported by Nero BackItUp

Our users primarily use Nero BackItUp to open these file types:

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