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Movie Magic Screenwriter

If you are looking for Movie Magic Screenwriter, you have come to the right place. We explain what Movie Magic Screenwriter is and point you to the official download.

What is Movie Magic Screenwriter?

Movie Magic Screenwriter is a program that is intended to be used as word processor that is used mainly to format teleplays, novels, and screenplays in general. The software is released by Write Brothers, Inc. after its initial attempt to produce a similar software called Scriptor in 1982. The original developer of the software was Script Perfection Enterprises, Inc. before it was acquired by the company Write Brothers, Inc in 2001.

Movie Magic Screenwriter is designed to automatically generate the data and elements essential in writing screenplays via the system called Command line completion. Among the data are character name, dialog, action, setting, and others. It is likewise capable of importing and exporting documents that are produced using word processor such as MS Word. Documents may likewise be exported regardless of their file formats.

The software is also integrated with a Revision Tracker that enables users to automatically lock the scripts so as to keep abreast with the changes made. This can be performed using the Auto-Revision notes and marks, A-scenes, and by using colors for revision drafts.
Movie Magic Screenwriter is compatible with both Windows-based and Mac OS X systems.

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Last updated: : August 1, 2013