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Micrografx Designer

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What is Micrografx Designer?

Micrografx (Micrografx Inc.) was founded by Paul and George Grayson in the United States, a software- house known for its graphics design products. Micrografx Inc was the first company to create and release a sophisticated line of graphics products suited for Windows. *A* Vision graphic software was one of its first products. It was later renamed to Micrografx Designer as version 2. Version 3’s software engine was modified to work better with MS Office, making its user-interface easier to handle.In 1990, Designer 3.0 was issued, and was made to be compatible with Windows for 20 years until Windows 7 64-bit came into the scene. MIcrografx then bundled with Micrografx ABC-Suite in 1995. In 2003 iGrafx, an offshoot from Micrografx, takes care of the business process analysis needs of consumers.

Corel eventually acquired the company in 2001. Following the acquisition the whole Micrografx graphics products (Micrografx Designer, Picture Publisher, Microsoft Flowcharter ) became part of Corel. This is when the company became iGrafx. Both companies were competitors with each other vying for Windows 95 users looking for graphics software. CorelDraw has since been the tool preferred by most graphic professionals, while Micrografx ABC Graphics suite is the preferred tool by general users.

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Last updated: : June 9, 2022