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What is Mathematica?

Compute, develop, and deploy are the core function of Mathematica, a reliable computational utility developed by Wolfram Research, which comprises wide collections of algorithms. It calculates numeric of any precision, symbolic, or visualization; develops documents, applications, and utilities; and deploys results in different formats. Mathematica can be a stand-alone program, or can be integrated with other applications.

Mathematica handles various concepts which includes graphics, lists, formulas and more; and comprises equation solving capability in various fields such as in number theory, calculus and analysis, polynomial algebra, linear algebra, probability and statistics, discrete calculus, graphs and networks, and a lot more. Mathematica is integrated with different graphical and visualization tools, advanced editing environment, interactive workflow for image processing and analysis, statistical analysis tools, wavelet analysis utilities, CUDA and OpenCL environments support, and many more.

Mathematica organizes and deploys results in a variety of formats, such as in presentations, interactive documents, enterprise systems, and applications. The Mathematica software is an effective solution for various industries such as in arts, education, finance, engineering, science, biotechnology, and so on.

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File types supported by Mathematica

Our users primarily use Mathematica to open these file types:

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