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Lotus ScreenCam

What is Lotus ScreenCam?

ScreenCam is a computer screen recorder that can be used to produce guide videos, film tutorials, or Flash-format PowerPoint presentations (through recording while playing the presentation). The export formats available to users are GIF, SWF or AVI. Users are able to create interactive videos using the software, which has tools for adding elements such as clickable items, hotspots, and various types of linking objects.

The software also permits video editing of the actual recorded content. For instance, users can select where their cursors go in the video (instead of being constrained to taking the recorded cursor the same paths as the actual cursor at the time of recording). The cursor can be made invisible if desired too.

The program’s FPS capture rate is relatively low at only 10FPS for demonstrations. This manages system resource consumption as well as keeping file sizes low for captured videos. Despite the low FPS rate, however, the program is still capable of producing smooth-playing demo videos due to its use of cursor simulation.

The program is meant for Windows systems and is available in both paid and demo versions, with the latter restricting features and setting a logo in the middle of the video.

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File types supported by Lotus ScreenCam

Our users primarily use Lotus ScreenCam to open these file types:

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