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Left 4 Dead

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What is Left 4 Dead?

Left 4 Dead, commonly known as L4D, is a video game and a video game franchise published by Valve Corporation and is most popularly known as a first-person shooter with survival horror elements. It uses Valve’s Source engine (which was used for Counter-Strike Source and Half-Life 2), and was released for Windows, Mac OS X, and Xbox 360. Because of the game’s popularity, a downloadable content was released shortly after its launch, and a sequel, Left 4 Dead 2, was also released in 2009, merely a year after the first. All missions (“campaigns”) in the first was ported over to the sequel.

The first entry in the series, simply known as Left 4 Dead, lets users take control of any of the four survivors in a post-apocalyptic pandemic that wiped out humanity and turned them into ravening zombies. In the course of the gameplay, the other three that the player hasn’t chosen assist them during missions in which, in general, is to survive a horde of zombies through gunning them down or via stealth. These missions involve going from one “safe house” to another, completing objectives along the way; these safe houses offer sanctuary from the zombies and allow the players to restock their supplies of ammunition, health, armor, and supplies.

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Last updated: : December 30, 2023