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L3DT Standard

What is L3DT Standard?

The L3DT Standard program is a map and texture generator. Largely used for the purpose of game design and creation, it is capable of rendering high-quality 3D maps and has dedicated tools for editing height fields and height maps. Users who want high terrain diversity in their maps can leverage as many as 65,000 terrain types for each distinct map, and can also generate unique textures for entirely new land types using a dedicated texture creator.

The utility also has water-flooding options that range from the automated to the user-selected when creating seascapes or water bodies adjacent to land maps. Users without experience in generating maps of this type can refer to the wizard and help files. The program also benefits from better system resources: it is able to make use of multiple cores for newer processing units to perform key operations—such as 3D rendering—faster. It can handle batch processes for users who need to generate more than one map at once, is compatible with a wide array of file formats (which includes images, terrain and mesh files), and allows users to program tasks or automated functions into it with scripting tools.

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File types supported by L3DT Standard

Our users primarily use L3DT Standard to open these file types:

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